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5 Nov, 2021

Rebalance for Menopause Relief Ingredients – CBD and Progesterone

Felicity Organics announces the impending launch of its new hormone balancing cream that celebrates women by giving them the power to take control of their whole health and well-being. To rebalance for menopause relief! Women of all ages experience hormone imbalance at some point in their lives.

Many women spend much of their lives with hormone imbalances.  The title of this article is Rebalance for Menopause Relief and the ingredients in our new 95%+ certified organic formulation is designed to do just that.  Felicity Organics Hormone Balancing Cream is is formulated with a patent-pending lineup of US-sourced certified organic ingredients designed to restore hormone balance and harmony. The product will be available here on our site in January 2022.

The rich, luxurious cream is the world’s first and only certified organic bio-identical hormone balancing cream with nano-emulsified CBD. Felicity Organics Hormone Balancing Cream will initially launch direct-to-consumer through the Felicity Organics website, followed by the natural health practitioner network and CBD channels throughout the US and Canada.

Celebrating the Healing Power of Women with a Hormone Balancing Cream with CBD and Bioidentical Progesterone

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Meet the Team

Wife and Husband team (Veronica and Mike) team up with one of the world’s foremost experts on bioidentical hormones, a naturopath doctor, Deb Moskowitz to bring to the market the one of its kind hormone balancing cream with CBD and progesterone. – Patent Pending.  Read More

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