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Why Airless Pump Technology?

Airless technology is the future of the cosmetic, beauty and medical packaging industry.  Our customers only deserve the best.

What is the Difference Between Airless and Conventional Pump Bottles?

 A conventional bottle pumps product from the bottom of the bottle but doesn’t once the contents of the container are low, the pump does not extract the last bit. We don’t want our customers resorting to opening the container and exposing the organic ingredients to bacteria and oxidization.  This can contribute to loss of effectiveness. Not to mention messy and frustrating! One of our many reasons for this choice of container.  

How Does Airless Work?

 Our innovative airless glass container consists of a bottle container, a plastic piston apparatus inside a diaphragm in the body and a pump head at the mouth of the bottle. When the pump is depressed, the piston moves upward inside the diaphragm.

 Pressure works to fill the empty cavity from the bottom and then dispenses the contents uniformly. As our quantity per serving is concise and measured, this assures an exact measurement for serving size.  With something as important as what’s in the formulation, the accuracy of dosage is critical.  

Other Benefits of Airless Pump Technology

 Airless packaging is the ideal container solution for our organic hormone creams.  Because our formula has a high viscosity, the pump technology assures 100% use of the product.  

 Our airless bottle also enhances product life due to its non-pressurized airless chamber which is perfect for our formula because of the limited preservatives we use and because of our certified organic ingredients.   

    Airglass Container Diagram

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