The first and most important standard to look for in a progesterone cream is seeing USP (United States Pharmacopeia) on the label. Progesterone is derived from diosgenin; a steroid sapogenin extracted from the tubers of Mexican Wild Yam Root. To render truly bio-identical progesterone (exactly like your body naturally produces) Wild Yam Root requires a special laboratory process called “micronization.” Since you see USP Micronized on our label, you know our progesterone has undergone this process and is in conformity with Good Manufacturing Practices.

What’s more, our special micronized progesterone is:

  • Above and beyond USP standards
  • Tested in formulas to show better absorption
  • Particle Size (100% <10 microns and 95-99% <5 microns)
  • From an FDA-Registered Facility that is GMP Compliant
  • 14 Checks and Analyses Are Performed on Each Chemical Lot
  • Bio-identical plant based ingredient (Derived from Yam)

Felicity Organics  understands the importance of working with pharmacopoeial grade hormone powders that consistently meet potency standards. Our Special Micronized Progesterone meets these high standards but also excels in an additional category: particle size.  Much like why we nano-emulsify our CBD, our progesterone ingredient is 99% less than 5 microns. Particle size is very important in the body’s ability to absorb it (absorption).

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