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5 Dec, 2021


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Felicity Organics Celebrates the Healing Powers of Women with Its Transformative Patent Pending Natural Balancing Progesterone Cream with CBD


“The luxurious cream empowers women to embrace their sexual, mental, and physical well-being through living in balance”


ORLANDO, Fla. (December 5, 2021)— Felicity Organics, Inc. announces the impending launch of its new natural balancing progesterone cream that celebrates women by giving them the power to take control of their whole health and well-being. Felicity Organics Natural Balancing Progesterone Cream is in final stage of development and is formulated with a patent-pending lineup of US-sourced certified organic ingredients designed to restore  balance and harmony. The rich, luxurious cream is the world’s first and only certified organic bio-identical natural balancing progesterone cream with nano-emulsified CBD. Felicity Organics Natural Balancing Progesterone Cream will initially launch direct-to-consumer through the Felicity Organics website, followed by the natural health practitioner network and CBD channels throughout the US and Canada. 


Between 50% and 75% of women will struggle with some form of hormone imbalance in their lifetime, leading to many debilitating mental, physical, and emotional effects. According to one of the company’s founders, Veronica Liguori, this alarming statistic includes “young women with issues as diverse as PMS, mood swings, irritability and infertility, to more seasoned women dealing with hot flashes, reduced libido, bone loss and a multitude of other conditions related to hormones.” Many of these challenges can be directly correlated with the body’s ability to produce progesterone and progesterone levels compared to estrogen.

 Felicity Organics Natural Balancing Progesterone Cream is the body care product designed to give women hope that they can lead healthier, happier lives by restoring balance to their lives. Through the patent-pending synergistic pairing of USP micronized bio-identical progesterone and nano-emulsified CBD, Felicity Organics’ luxurious cream absorbs quickly into the body, helping to restore harmony and enhance overall well-being.

Women experiencing low progesterone levels may experience weight gain, sleep disruption, irritability, vaginal dryness, low libido and other menopausal symptoms. Cramping, low blood sugar levels, menstrual irregularities, thinning hair, acne, pregnancy issues and sleep disturbances are also common, robbing women of their vitality and mental and physical health.

According to Dr. Deborah Moskowitz, Director of Research and Development, Felicity Organics is quite possibly the only company employing “green-technology” American-made progesterone because of the only recent availability for commercial use.  This proprietary formula is crafted from plant sterols that reduce waste and eliminate the use of hazardous solvents, giving women confidence that what they put on their bodies is natural, safe, and effective.


While Felicity Organics is not a CBD lifestyle brand, its initial product offering leverages the power of a proprietary liposomal process combining progesterone and organic CBD, a powerful combination evidenced to help women live life more fully and confidently. The company will soon be announcing complementary skincare products both with and without organic CBD to provide women with health solutions that nurture and care for their whole being.

Felicity Organics’ Natural Balancing Progesterone Cream formulation is complete.  An Institutional Review Board clinical study to test the effectiveness of the formulation on human subjects is underway, and a forthcoming press release will provide an official launch date scheduled for early 2022, and additional customer clinical participation opportunities.

 While in the pre-launch stage, women interested in taking control of their well-being by restoring balance can sign up to pre-order Felicity Organics Natural Balancing Progesterone Cream and receive special launch perks. Visit and find out more at

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Meet the Team

Wife and Husband team (Veronica and Mike) team up with one of the world’s foremost experts on bioidentical hormones, a naturopath doctor, Deb Moskowitz to bring to the market the one of its kind feminine balancing cream with CBD and progesterone. – Patent Pending.  Read More

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